CURS works with Charlotte Housing Authority to conduct a long-term evaluation of Moving Forward program

cover of Charlotte Housing Authority reportThe Moving to Work Demonstration program (MTW) enacted by Congress in 1996, affords selected public housing authorities the flexibility to design and test innovative ways to provide low-income families with decent, affordable housing. Participating housing authorities are guided by three program goals: to achieve greater cost effectiveness; to increase the housing choices for low-income households; and to assist participating households in achieving self sufficiency.

The Charlotte Housing Authority (CHA) has been chosen as one of the thirty-five public housing authorities to participate in the MTW program. CHA contracted with the Center for Urban & Regional Studies to conduct a long-term evaluation of their MTW program, Moving Forward. The Center’s interim report, The Charlotte Housing Authority’s Moving Forward Program: Early Implementation and Baseline Data Evaluation presents a description of the CHA’s Moving Forward Program and an early assessment of its implementation.

CURS and Program on Chinese Cities launch UNC-Peking University Consortium

Center Director Bill Rohe and the Program on Chinese Cities Director Yan Song traveled to Beijing to formally launch the UNC-Peking University Consortium for Urban and Regional Planning and Management. Rohe, Song, and four UNC colleagues participated in a two-day symposium to present research and explore opportunities for future collaborations. The purpose of this consortium is to create opportunities for scholars and graduate students at both UNC and PKU to work together on research, education, and training activities. See the Program on Chinese Cities website for more information on the consortium and the symposium.