Upcoming Brown Bag: Recent Trends in Climate, Vegetation and Food Security in Northern Burkina Faso

Colin West, Assistant Professor, Anthropology

grainThe Sahel of West Africa is a region commonly associated with desertification, droughts, political instability, and famine. Like many parts of Africa, the Sahel faces significant social, economic, and environmental challenges, and we mostly hear about this area during infrequent but extreme crises. We rarely learn about the much more common, yet less newsworthy, every day and routine ways in which societies of the Sahel are adapting to climatic and social change. This talk will present findings based on ethnographic fieldwork in northern Burkina Faso. It will discuss recent positive trends in climate, vegetation, and food security among rural Mossi smallholders.

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Recap: Illustrating and supporting research with photography and art

A Brown Bag Seminar with nationally-recognized photographer Donn Young 

Donn Young

Photo by Jock Lauterer

What are the benefits of art and photography for research and solving social problems? How do artists work with social scientists to collaborate on research from the very beginning of a project?  These questions were addressed at a recent Center for Urban and Regional Studies (CURS) brown bag seminar with Donn Young. Young, an award-winning photographer, discussed using photography as a means to support, illustrate, and even influence research and policy making. Continue reading