Upcoming Seminar: How does financialization affect manufacturing investment?

financialization graphicProfessor Susan Christopherson, Cornell University

Please note: This talk has been cancelled.

We are very fortunate to have Cornell Professor Susan Christopherson visiting UNC on February 6 to discuss her research on how processes associated with the “financialization” of the US and UK economies affect capital investment in manufacturing enterprises.

Her talk will address the following questions: How does financialization affect manufacturing investment? Does it make economic sense to expect the growth of advanced manufacturing in what are considered “post-industrial” economies?  And what conditions work against the establishment of robust export-oriented manufacturing in the US and UK?

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Upcoming Brown Bag: Constructing local quality of life measures based on compensating differentials in housing prices

Siqi Zheng, Professor, Tsinghua University, China

Chinese apartment buildingDr. Zheng will present her work estimating urban households’ willingness to pay for various quality of life amenities. She uses compensating differentials in the housing prices within a city and across cities in China to construct integrated quality of life measures. Her work shows that a growing number of Chinese households are demanding greater amenities and a higher quality of life when seeking housing. The results of this study have important implications for public policy design and real estate pricing strategies.

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Recent Trends in Climate, Vegetation and Food Security in Northern Burkina Faso

Colin Thor West, assistant professor in anthropology, studies how households in semi-arid regions cope with limited or fluctuating natural resource availability and focuses on food security. One such region, the northern Central Plateau of Burkina Faso, lies in the Sahel of West Africa where droughts commonly occur and there is high population pressure. West has been studying Mossi communities in this area for over a decade, learning more about livelihoods and how people adapt to climate variability. Continue reading