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Dave Wann, author of Affluenza, Superbia! and The New Normal

books by WannAuthor and filmmaker Dave Wann champions a “New Suburbanism,” a creative, incremental approach to reinventing the existing suburban landscape, one neighborhood at a time. Wann has been exploring and promoting opportunities for making our way of life less destructive, more affordable, and more satisfying. He has examined the way we eat, where we choose to live, what policies we support, what we manufacture and buy, how we take care of our health, and what we do in our spare time. His goal is to create a future scenario in which Americans can experience twice the satisfaction for half the resources.

Wednesday, March 19
12:30-1:45 p.m.
New East Room 102
205 East Cameron Ave, Chapel Hill
(2 buildings east of the Old Well)
beverages & light dessert provided

Co-sponsored by Planners Forum.

For more information, contact Todd Owen, Associate Director
Center for Urban & Regional Studies
919-962-3076 or

Click here for a flyer for distribution.

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