Announcing the 2014-2015 China Urbanization Research Proposal Competition

With support from the Dean’s Office, College of Arts & Sciences and the Provost’s Office, the Program on Chinese Cities is pleased to solicit applications for its China Urbanization Research Proposal Competition. The Program on Chinese Cities Research Proposal Competition is designed to encourage faculty members at the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill to conduct research on Chinese cities. This competitive program provides $20,000 for a course buy-out (plus benefits) to enable a faculty member to develop a large research proposal focusing on an issue relevant to urbanization in China. Alternatively, the $20,000 could also be used to fund travel, summer salary, student research support, purchasing data, or other expenses related to completing a pilot study and developing a grant proposal. If faculty members are interested in establishing a partnership with scholars in China in pursuing the grant proposal, PCC will be able to assist. Continue reading