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Photos above (left to right) Xiaodong Chen, Julia Haslett, Adam Lovelady, Allie Thomas.

Xiaodong Chen, assistant professor of geography, researches coupled human and natural systems, as well as research on how human activities affect the natural environment, how human livelihood may be changed due to changes in environmental conditions, what are complex interactions among components in human and natural systems, and how human-environment interactions are influenced by policies.

Julia Haslett, assistant professor of communication, makes expressionistic documentary films on historical and contemporary subjects. Currently, she is developing an essay film about environmental history and British botanical exploration in southwest China.

Adam Lovelady, assistant professor of public law and government, works on zoning and land use regulation, land subdivision regulation, community planning, suburban redevelopment, renewable energy and historic preservation.

Allie Thomas, assistant professor of city and regional planning, studies how best practices travel the globe and where they land. She uses ethnographic research methods to understand how “best practices” in transportation are adopted (or not) in developing economies such as China, focusing on planners.


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