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Moving ForwardCURS Director Bill Rohe and Senior Research Associate Michael Webb recently received a five-year contract to continue an evaluation of the Charlotte Housing Authority’s (CHA) Moving Forward program. Moving Forward is the CHA’s local branding for its participation in the Moving to Work demonstration, which provides the agency with the flexibility to waive certain HUD regulations and to combine various federal funding streams.

The evaluation comprises quantitative, qualitative and spatial analysis of various Moving Forward activities, including reforms for how tenants’ rent is calculated, expanding housing options in high-opportunity neighborhoods and a work requirement.

CURS’s Moving Forward evaluation—which began in 2009—has produced numerous interim reports in addition to scholarly articles and conference presentations. Findings from the evaluation are being used to inform both implementation of the CHA’s Moving Forward program and the potential federal expansion of work requirements in public housing.

CURS is a national leader in research on the Moving to Work program. In addition to the evaluation of the CHA’s Moving Forward program, CURS staff authored The MTW Guide: Formulating Strategies for Successful Participation (with funding from the HAI Group), Innovation in Public Housing: the Moving to Work Demonstration, an article that both summarized and critiqued the Moving to Work Program in the International Journal of Housing Policy and an article on the impacts of work requirements in public housing.

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