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Michael Webb, Ph.D.
Research Director


Michael Webb’s C.V

Michael Webb joined CURS in December 2013 and leads CURS’s in-house research team providing evaluation, research and technical assistance on projects related to housing policy and community economic development. These projects have been funded by agencies like the Department of Housing and Urban Development, Habitat for Humanity and the Charlotte Housing Authority, among others. He is also leading development of the Housing Opportunity Finder, a web app that will connect low-income renters to housing in opportunity neighborhoods in Orange and Durham Counties in North Carolina.

Prior to joining CURS, Webb worked on community development projects in both the public and non-profit sectors. He led the Weinland Park Evaluation Project, a community-based survey and outreach effort in a revitalizing Columbus, Ohio neighborhood. He also served as program officer for the University Area Enrichment Association, a community development non-profit in Columbus.

He received his MA in geography, MCRP in city and regional planning, and PhD in geography from The Ohio State University.