Fighting Corruption in the Developing Democracy of Malawi

May 2, 2019

What are the best anti-corruption tactics in the African country of Malawi? Who are the players in Malawian corruption? CURS Faculty Fellow Brigitte Seim and her collaborators ran a study to help answer these questions. Using research from a CURS-supported … Continued

Weathering the Storm

April 15, 2019

Arguably the most devastating hurricane to afflict North Carolina since Floyd in 1999, Hurricane Matthew resulted in historic flooding along the Lumber and Cape Fear Rivers when it impacted eastern North Carolina in early October 2016. The statistics of Matthew’s … Continued

Urban Development at UNC-Chapel Hill and Beyond

March 21, 2019

As director of the Program on Chinese Cities, an initiative within UNC-Chapel Hill’s Center for Urban and Regional Studies and Department of City and Regional Planning to study urbanization in China, Yan Song has seen how the evolution of networks … Continued

Expanding Small Dollar Lending for Immigrants

March 4, 2019

At a roundtable discussion in July 2018, UnidosUS partnered with the UNC Center for Community Capital and JPMorgan Chase to convene a group of stakeholders to discuss the needs, barriers and solutions to expanding the small dollar (e.g. $250-$5,000) credit … Continued

New Study Finds Innovations in Ride-Hailing to Access Health Care

January 7, 2019

  Transportation barriers prevent millions of people from accessing health care every year. Recent estimates suggest that 3.6 million Americans miss or delay nonemergency medical treatment annually, despite having health care coverage, due to lack of transportation to care facilities. … Continued