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The Center for Urban and Regional Studies offers a wide range of services to Faculty Fellows and their students. We provide support for research proposal development and submission, funded research project administration and research dissemination.

What CURS offers

The Center for Urban & Regional Studies makes available the following services to its Faculty Fellows:

Research Proposal Development & Submission

  • Seed grants for travel, literature review and/or data acquisition associated with proposal development
  • Funding source identification via funding alerts
  • Development and coordination of interdisciplinary research teams
  • Research design and qualitative/quantitative methods consultation
  • Editorial review
  • Proposal budget preparation
  • “Boiler plate language” on University facilities, equipment and research support
  • Preparation and processing of University internal forms

Funded Research Project Administration

  • Overhead sharing agreement with home units and principal investigators
  • Contract negotiation assistance
  • Editorial assistance
  • Preparation of monthly budget statements
  • Hiring of research project staff
  • Office space for large projects
  • Equipment availability (laptops, tape recorders, digital camera, audio visual, etc.)
  • Meeting space/conference room
  • Meeting planning and scheduling assistance
  • Travel reimbursement and purchasing assistance
  • Data, reports and publications repository

Research Dissemination

  • Final report publication
  • CURS publication lists
  • New and completed projects featured in CURS newsletter
  • Press release preparation
  • Social media dissemination

CURS Tools for Developing Research Projects


Center for Urban and Regional Studies Dataset Database

Funding sources:

Relevant Foundations and their Funding Priorities


CURS Proposal Development and Submission Process 

Proposal Development & Submission Process for CURS  (PDF)

Helpful resources:

Office of Sponsored Research Information Sheet UNC-Chapel Hill

Facilities and Administrative (F&A) Rates for the UNC-Chapel Hill

Fringe Benefit Rates for the UNC-Chapel Hill