Video: Elizabeth Olson talks about her experience as the 2016-17 CURS Scholar-in-Residence. 

The CURS Scholar-in-Residence Program is designed to encourage faculty members in the College of Arts and Sciences to develop and submit research proposals to external funding sources. This competitive program provides a course buy-out and funds for proposal development expenses so that faculty members in the social and behavioral sciences can develop large, ideally interdisciplinary, research proposals. In addition, the CURS Scholar-in-Residence will have full administrative support from the Center’s financial and clerical support staff. The Center is able to offer the Scholar-in-Residence program through support from the Dean’s Office in the College of Arts and Sciences. Fifteen CURS Scholars-in-Residence have generated more than $2.2 million in grant funds through this program.

Todd BenDorCURS is pleased to announce that Todd BenDor, associate professor, city and regional planning, is our Scholar-in-Residence for 2017-18. Much of BenDor’s previous work has looked directly at ecosystem service markets, including numerous publications on water quality, wetland mitigation and habitat offset markets. He has also performed numerous studies on urban development policy, including green building, form-based codes and the politics of urban densification. His work as a Scholar-in-Residence will extend his on-going research in both areas to: 1) formally and theoretically tie transfer of development rights (TDR) and ecosystem markets together based on their intent and regulatory goals; 2) understand why each of these policy mechanisms are equally under-utilized at multiple social and temporal scales; and 3) reveal lessons about how to better structure TDR policies and ecosystem service markets to improve their use, certainty and efficiency. Much of BenDor’s work has centered on studies of North Carolina, which will continue under this project.

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Guidelines for Scholar-in-Residence Program, Fall 2017/Spring 2018

Application for Scholar-in-Residence Program, Fall 2017/Spring 2018