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Video: Elizabeth Olson talks about her experience as the 2016-17 CURS Scholar-in-Residence. 

The CURS Scholar-in-Residence Program is designed to encourage faculty members in the College of Arts and Sciences to develop and submit research proposals to external funding sources. This competitive program provides a course buy-out and funds for proposal development expenses so that faculty members in the social and behavioral sciences can develop large, ideally interdisciplinary, research proposals. In addition, the CURS Scholar-in-Residence will have full administrative support from the Center’s financial and clerical support staff.

Mai Nguyen

The Center is able to offer the Scholar-in-Residence program through support from the Dean’s Office in the College of Arts and Sciences. Twenty-two CURS Scholars-in-Residence have generated more than $3.1 million in grant funds through this program.

Mai Nguyen, associate professor of city and regional planning, is the 2020-2021 Scholar-in-Residence. Her research focuses on housing policy, social and spatial inequality, and resilient communities. Nguyen’s research plan for her time as Scholar-in-Residence is to examine the role of trust in local implementation of hazard mitigation buyouts in North Carolina after Hurricanes Matthew and Florence.

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