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Research Advisory Services on Small Dollar Credit Programs

June 5, 2014

Janneke Ratcliffe and Lucy Gorham–Co-PIs. The Center for Community Capital (CCC) will advise the CFSI in developing a research agenda for a new Small Dollar Credit (SDC) demonstration program, featuring approximately six financial institutions’ innovative SDC programs.

Future of Mortgage Lending

June 5, 2014

Roberto Quercia–PI. We will conduct two analyses with implications for how the recovering U.S. mortgage market will impact families in the future. First, we propose to examine the role of servicing in mediating lending risks, based on learnings from the crisis. … Continued

Model of Success

May 24, 2013

Mark McDaniel–PI. The two major objectives are to: 1) dramatically improve data collection and management capacity at the six Minority Serving Institutions (MSIs) to inform policy and programs and 2) connect inter-disciplinary teams representing each MSI to the knowledge, tools and … Continued