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Lucy Gorham–PI. This project includes two key components. The first is an assessment of financial coaching platforms, specifically on-line platforms, which a growing number of organizations now offer in response to the need for greater financial capability tools and resources for households working to improve their financial stability. For this component, we will undertake a comparison study of several on-line financial coaching platforms that will identify the major features and advantages of each for both the practitioner and the client. Questions we will address include ease of use, tools and content, data collection capabilities, costs to users, suitability for diverse subpopulations and potential for scale and sustainability. The second component is research on the impact of student loan debt on household financial health. The challenge of rising student loan debt has received a great deal of attention but too little is known about the impact on broader household financial health, both for students and their parents, and how this impact differs for a variety of sub-populations of students. We will write a report on this topic that will include new quantitative and qualitative research that will capture the experiences of a diverse array of students and their families. We will also interview key personnel at colleges, universities and other higher education training programs in order to capture the institutional perspective. In-depth interviews will be augmented with survey research to tap into a broader sample and/or to offer those interviewed an additional means with which to share their experiences. Understanding these impacts, how families are served by the current loan repayment system, and the strategies they utilize to cope can inform the policy and programmatic response to this important societal issue.