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Neal Caren–PI. Newspapers are one of the most prevalent data sources for scholars interested in social movements. Whether the academic interest is in protest events or social movement organizations (SMOs), scholars very often rely on data culled from newspapers to answer their questions. This project merges two existing, influential, datasets on social movements, both of which were originally funded by the NSF and both of which were culled from newspapers. The two datasets are the Dynamics of Collective Action dataset (“DoCA” collected by Soule, Olzak, McCarthy, and McAdam) and the Political Organizations in the News dataset (“PONs” collected by Amenta and Caren). Beyond the merge, we will also collect additional data on key attributes of the social movement organizations and the political environment in which they operate. The end result will be three datasets (1) a comprehensive, longitudinal, dataset on nearly 7,000 SMOs operating in the US between 1960 and 1995; (2) PONs data that is augmented with protest event data from DoCA; and (3) DoCA data that is augmented with SMO coverage data from PONs.