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William RohePI. This project proposes to evaluate the HOPE VI redevelopment of Boulevard Homes in Charlotte for the Charlotte Housing Authority (CHA) and will assess the impact of the redevelopment based on six indicators: 1) Impact on the lives of the current residents of Boulevard Homes; 2) Nature and extent of economic development generated in the community; 3) Effect of the redevelopment on the surrounding community; 3) Success at integrating the physical redevelopment and the Community Supportive Services (CSS) components of the HOPE VI strategy; 5) Impacts on the HOPE VI neighborhood; and 6) Impacts on the HOPE VI development. In addition to the quantitative and qualitative assessment of the impacts of the HOPE VI redevelopment, the research team will assess the implementation of the redevelopment and CSS components and will work with CHA staff and case managers to develop and implement a data collection and management system to ensure that necessary data are collected to establish baseline measures. These measures will be updated over the life of the project. Read the interim report.