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Spencer CowanPI. The town of Morrisville, North Carolina funded a workforce housing assessment as part of a small area plan and development code for the McCrimmon Parkway transit station. The purpose of the assessment was to determine the extent of need for affordable family housing in Morrisville and to identify potential strategies to accommodate workforce housing as part of the McCrimmon Parkway TOD area. Cowan and his team analyzed housing and employment data from the Bureau of the Census, Wake and Durham counties, and other secondary sources. Center researchers also gathered and analyzed data on local housing market conditions and conducted key informant interviews and/or focus groups with local officials, residents, and employers to provide qualitative data to supplement the quantitative analysis of the need for workforce housing in Morrisville.  In addition to the analysis of need, the project recommended potential strategies for the town to use to promote the development of workforce housing within the McCrimmon Parkway TOD area. In addition, the Center presented its findings and assisted with a visual preference survey with members of the community to guide the workforce housing policies and design codes to reflect the community’s design preferences. The Center produced the analysis of the need for workforce housing and recommended strategies for promoting the development of workforce housing as a stand-alone report. For more information contact Spencer Cowan at