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State of North Carolina Economic Development Strategy

July 8, 2019

William T. Lester, Nichola Lowe and Jonathan Morgan – Co-PIs. The Department of City and Regional Planning (DCRP) and The School of Government’s NCImpact (SOG) will collaborate to research, write and create a new economic development strategic plan for the … Continued

Scaling Apprenticeships in Chicago: Evaluation and Implementation

March 19, 2019

Nichola Lowe-PI.This project involves the initial evaluation of Chicago’s Apprenticeship 2020 initiative. Apprenticeship 2020 represents a timely and innovative employer-led initiative building on experiences of two pioneering business-led apprenticeship programs. Through engagement and support to additional firms, this initiative has … Continued

Evaluating NCCDI’s Hurricane Matthew Recovery Work

February 11, 2019

MIchael Webb–PI. This project will evaluate the North Carolina Community Development Initiative’s (NCCDI) disaster recovery work in eastern North Carolina in response to flooding from Hurricane Matthew. NCCDI’s work includes making low-cost loans to housing developers and property management companies to … Continued

Urban Freight and Planning

October 17, 2018

Noreen McDonald-PI. Goods movement has been a central element of urban areas for millennia. But the advent of online shopping and technological advances in logistics are reshaping freight in cities and bringing new congestion concerns to the fore. The move to … Continued