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Simon Adler-PI. The objective of this project is to contribute to a better understanding of the processes of urbanization and spatial development in India. The first part of the project will describe spatial patterns of development and provide insights into some of the main variables that are correlated with these patterns. The second part will focus on how infrastructure investments have interacted with local conditions to shape India’s urbanization and growth. Researchers will use a combination of satellite imagery, census data, transport networks, and environmental data to describe spatial patterns of development. They will then use this data in an empirical analysis of how infrastructure investments interact with local conditions to influence spatial patterns of urbanization and development. The empirical investigation will rely on a theoretical model and perform both structural and reduced form econometric analysis. The combination of reduced form and structural analysis will allow them to exploit the spatial data in an optimal way in order to gain a detailed picture of spatial development patterns at a high level of spatial disaggregation.