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Roberto Quercia and Janneke RatcliffeCo-PIs. Broadly defined, the preservation of the affordable housing stock in the face of changing regulatory and market regimes is of vital importance to the health of neighborhoods and communities. This includes the preservation of housing that has been foreclosed or is at risk of foreclosure due to the recent and ongoing turmoil in the mortgage markets. This project, funded by the Ford Foundation, researched and documented the feasibility of market-based interventions in preserving affordable housing. The Center for Community Capitalism researched a model for acquiring distressed mortgage assets in order to keep as many homeowners as possible out of foreclosure, and in the case of foreclosure, to recycle the properties for the benefit of the local communities. The Center also explored a model for conversion of low-income tax credit-financed rental housing for homeownership. For more information Dr. Quercia can be reached at or 919-843-2493; Janneke Ratcliffe at or 919-843-4968.