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Nichola Lowe-PI.This project involves the initial evaluation of Chicago’s Apprenticeship 2020 initiative. Apprenticeship 2020 represents a timely and innovative employer-led initiative building on experiences of two pioneering business-led apprenticeship programs. Through engagement and support to additional firms, this initiative has potential to develop hundreds of apprenticeship opportunities for untapped communities of workers and help firms develop the skilled workforce they need for the future. With its focus on racial inclusion and a variety of occupations, Apprenticeship 2020 also offers the potential to address long-standing apprenticeship limitations that result in significant inequities for women and people of color. Nichola Lowe, in collaboration with researchers at the Aspen Institute’s Economic Opportunities Program, will begin this initial evaluation and continue with conducting a two-year developmental evaluation with the goal of using this research to build Apprenticeship 2020 capacity and inform funders who seek to resource efforts effectively.