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William T. Lester, Nichola Lowe and Jonathan Morgan – Co-PIs. The Department of City and Regional Planning (DCRP) and The School of Government’s NCImpact (SOG) will collaborate to research, write and create a new economic development strategic plan for the North Carolina Department of Commerce. DCRP professors William T. Lester and Nichola Lowe will work with DCRP student researchers and class members to review past plans and related literature, conduct quantitative analysis of industry growth, labor market dynamics, skills gaps and trends in innovation. The DCRP team will also provide a profile of inequality by income, race and geography throughout the state. The SOG team will conduct a series of regional stakeholder engagement sessions with members of the public and elected officials from different areas of the state (up to eight meetings). The purpose of these meetings will be to gather input regarding the overall normative vision of the State’s Economic Development Plan as well as to understand particular regional challenges not gleaned from the quantitative analysis. Finally, both the DCRP and SOG teams will collaborate on making strategic recommendations for both long-term and short-term policy changes and economic development supports.