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Boulevard Homes report coverWilliam M. Rohe, Mai Thi Nguyen, Michael D. Webb and Kirstin Frescoln. The Center for Urban and Regional Studies, The University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill. As the Charlotte Housing Authority’s (CHA) Boulevard Homes HOPE VI project moves into its fifth and final year, this report provides an interim assessment of the redevelopment’s progress. In doing so, it updates relevant sections of both the October 2010 baseline report and May 2013 first interim report. In particular, this report offers: (i) a review of development progress, including status and occupancy of the new Renaissance site; (ii) an update on community and supportive services and client progress toward self-sufficiency; and (iii) recommendations for CHA and its partners. This report was prepared under a contract with the Charlotte Housing Authority. December 2014. 47 pp. PDF of publication.