Completed Social Movement Projects

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One Movement or Two? Moral Logics and Food Action Networks in the Alternative Agrifoods Movement

Don Nonini and Dorothy (Dottie) Holland–Co-PIs. In a multi-sited ethnographic study of local food activism in four regions of North Carolina, the researchers found there are major differences between food security and sustainable agriculture activisms, …

Protest, Politics, and Economics in the Desegregation of the U.S. South

Kenneth Andrews–PI. Why do some social movements succeed while others fail to bring about social and political changes? This enduring puzzle has gained considerable attention in recent years. Building on a large database and expertise on the civil righ …

Collaborative Research: Social Movements and Policy Impact

Kenneth “Andy” Andrews–PI. The study examines two central questions in the study of protest and social movements: how movements emerge and how movements generate political victories. Despite significant progress of both the emergence and consequences o …