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Housing Costs and Commuting Distance

Roberto Quercia–PI. Traditional urban ec … Continued

Bicycle and Pedestrian Data Collection

Daniel Rodriguez–PI.  As the state’s pop … Continued

Teaching School Children Pedestrian Safety: A Pragmatic Trial Using Virtual Reality

Daniel Rodriguez–PI. The research team p … Continued

Characterizing the Determinants of Vehicle Traffic Emissions Exposure: Measurement and Modeling of Emissions, Transformation and Transport

Daniel Rodriguez–PI. This project will a … Continued

Impacts of Land Use Strategies on Travel Behavior in Small Communities and Rural Areas

Brian Morton–PI. The authors found that … Continued

Federal Safe Routes to School Program: A Multi-State Evaluation and National Evaluation

Noreen McDonald–PI. A large-scale, multi … Continued

The Effectiveness of Safe Routes to School Interventions

Noreen McDonald–PI. This study, funded b … Continued

Reliability and Validity of the National Center for Safe Routes to School Parent and Student Surveys

Noreen McDonald–PI. Healthy People 2010 … Continued

Promoting Active School Travel by Making it “Cool”: A Quasi-Experimental Study Using Boltage

Noreen McDonald–PI. This project will lo … Continued

Land-Use Forecasting Models for Small Areas in North Carolina

Brian Morton–PI. Funded by the North Car … Continued

Impact of the Federal Safe Routes to School Program on Pedestrian and Bicycle Safety: An Analysis of Washington, D.C. and Florida

Noreen McDonald–PI. This study analyzes … Continued

Evaluation of Safe Routes to School Programs: Qualitative and Quantitative Analysis of Parental Decision Making

Noreen McDonald–PI. For a complete descr … Continued

Benchmark Yourself: Providing Practitioners with School Travel Information

Noreen McDonald–PI. Changing individual … Continued

Away from Home and Out of School: Adolescent Physical Activity (PA) and Body Mass Index (BMI)

Daniel Rodriguez and Kelly Evenson–Co-PI … Continued

Attitudes and School Transport

Noreen McDonald–PI. Funded by the Univer … Continued

A Regional Land Use-Transportation Decision Support Tool for Mississippi

Brian Morton–PI. The Mississippi Hills N … Continued